Marine Surveys

Interocean Services has been active since 1980. We provide high quality marine surveys in Sri Lanka. Additionally, interocean Services offer ship investigations in Sri Lanka as well. Above all, our goal is to promote and safeguard life and property at sea. Therefore, providing you with exceptional marine surveys and ship investigations in Sri Lanka is our aim.

Meeting international requirements is a necessity when it comes to shipping. Therefore, our reports carry the nature, extent and the cause of the damage. Furthermore, we look to provide an in depth technical analysis which is complimented by a thorough understanding of all the facts of the situation. As a result, our reports are very thorough. Our qualified and experience marine surveyors will provide the facts and/ or sound technical opinions in an impartial and unbiased manner.  Hence, a proper assessment of loss and liability can be made when doing marine surveys in Sri Lanka.

Marine investigations in Sri Lanka is vital for safety recommendations because we need to prevent future marine casualties. We focus on helping prevent further avoidable accidents from occurring, not on establishing blame or liability. Extensive investigations provide the causes of an accident, the casualties and personnel behavior. For that reason, determining remedial measures becomes clearer and much easier.

Interocean Marine Survey

Our areas of expertise surveys include:

  1. Prevention – Pre-shipment, towage, voyage and lay-up approvals, loading / discharging, fitness for purpose, and securing.

  2. Certification – Confirmation of the quality & quantity, the packing standards, the right fitness for purpose, compliance with construction standards, the pre-purchase condition, on hire/ off hire

  3. Ship Investigations– Loss / damage, gear failure, out-turn liabilities, collision / pollution liabilities.

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