Hull Cleaning

Interocean Services diversified it’s portfolio and expanded it’s existing range of services. We became one of the first to introduce underwater hull cleaning in Sri Lanka, together with propeller polishing in Sri Lanka. These services are provided under the name “World Subsea Services”.

Above all, we launched this service in recognition that the Shipping Industry needed high quality underwater services. Therefore, backed by master mariners and professional divers, we were confident we could provide hull cleaning and propeller polishing in Sri Lanka.

Utilizing two Piccard brush carts, our divers have been trained by international diving instructors. Because of this, our team of highly skilled and professional staff possess the expertise needed for even the most complex of operations. Similarly our firsthand experience and knowledge means you can rely on us. Furthermore, our teams are ready to mobilize on short notice to support your schedules.

To optimize performance of the vessel and save energy, propeller polishing and hull cleaning are vital. Consequently, they are seen as one of the most effective ways to improve service speed and performance. As a result, what separates our company from the rest, is our strive to provide an exceptional service in underwater hull cleaning and propeller polishing in Sri Lanka.

World Subsea Services have obtained the DNV-GL Class Certification. For this reason, World Subsea Services is now qualified to provide CCTV inspections and underwater hull cleaning services to vessels classed by GL-DNV. In turn, this certification stresses on our expertise and experience, which are aligned with the industry standards.

Our services include:

  • Underwater Hull Cleaning

  • Propeller Polishing

  • Fouling Inspection

  • CCTV Inspection

  • Hull GVI and underwater Photography

  • Sea Chest Cleaning and Blanking

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